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Agile4Vegas Project

Agile4Vegas presents, discusses and explores BUSINESS AGILITY methods which can be used in smaller business and entrepreneurial endeavors, without resorting to expensive turn-key systems. These methods can help enable all forms of business to succeed in VUCA [Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous] times.

We started Agile4Vegas with the goal of offering the entrepreneurial and small business owner insight to how agile methods and Business Agility can be incorporated into successful business models. Especially useful during these turbulent times.

This idea launched as a Tech Alley meetup session, and has also been evolving into a dynamic support site which will be packed with information about various topics that are agile business related.

Agile4Vegas is partially sponsored by...


Tech alley 2 years magazine cover

These are the names of all those who spoke, presented sessions or were financially supportive of Las Vegas' Tech Alley events. [Note: I'm in the lower left by the volume number.]

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